I used to work as a computer professional, and practiced massage as a side hobby. It didn’t take long to realize that bodywork provided a visceral, immediate joy – the satisfaction of helping another human being - that I never experienced while staring at a screen. So I swapped my hobby with my career, went back to school to become a licensed massage therapist, and found that my methodical, scientific, detail-oriented approach to my work served me just as well as a massage therapist. What’s more, I can now also apply a warmth and kindness to my work that computers just don’t appreciate!

My practice is a safe space for all people, particularly including LGBTQ+ and neuro-atypical folks and abuse survivors. Those of us with an unusual or complex relationship to touch or to our own bodies deserve access to the benefits of massage too! Feel free to ask if you have any questions about whether massage is right for you.